The Wondrous Effects of Art on People

When I walk into an art gallery, my mind is consumed by the beauty of the pieces on the walls. I can say this without a doubt as I know there will be at least one work that will catch my eye and draw me in. Each artist tells their own story with colors, images and strokes that recreates the vision in their mind's eye. 

Sven Pfrommer, Photography on Aludibond

Of course, the question then lingering in the air for most of us is that asides from the inner peace these artworks may give, why should we buy and own art given that it is a hefty investment. It is a purchase that will ultimately reflect on ourselves and our various personalities. I decided to do some research as to how art is beneficial both in the home and the workplace. The results were astounding. It is difficult to imagine that the benefits are far more valuable than one would think, akin to say, yoga and meditation.


Soon Lai Wai, Mixed Media on Canvas

 Art allows individuals to express themselves, and in that way alone improves the quality of our lives. The aesthetic appeal is far too great to overlook. You could take a bare room and juxtapose it with one containing a brilliant and bold piece of art and notice the vastly different ambiance it creates. Art is a wonderful conversation starter and it also stimulates our brain and humanizes the places we live and work in. In a corporate setting, art can signify wealth, power and success and has also been scientifically proven to increase productivity!

Aranya BerryComment