Slow Art Day - April 8th

A handful of you, our readers, may have heard of Slow Art Day. For those of you who haven't - It is a relatively new event that was born in New York eight years ago in 2009 that has now spread worldwide to 180 venues across the globe. The concept of Slow Art revolves around, well you guessed it, looking at art slowly. The idea is to look at a work of art for 5-10 mins each, for a minimum of 2 to 5 pieces.

Although Slow Art Day is not yet recognized in Singapore's museums, we at Fiidaa Art thought that we would invite you to participate and appreciate artwork for everything it is worth as well as contemplate every stroke, color, tone and mood of each painting. You may use the above slideshow of images to do so. The immediate result will be a somewhat tranquil and meditative state of mind. Additionally, you will note insightful observations that you wouldn't normally make and truly deepen your appreciation for art this way. After the five or ten minutes are up, you could even write down your observations to take this activity further.

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