Sven Pfrommer

Sven was born in Berlin, studied visual communication at the University of Hildesheim and earned the distinction of British Council Scholar for printmaking at The Royal College of Art in London. For the past few years he has also been lecturing in photography, art and design.

Photography, graphics and collage are the preferred creative fields of Sven Pfrommer. His artworks are often photographs taken on his journeys, combined with graphic fragments and paint. 

Sven uses large format printing to create his limited editions on materials like acrylic glass, aludibond and canvas to stunning effect. His work has been exhibited in Germany, Austria, France, Spain, UK and published in the United States, Canada, Netherlands and Germany. He has carried out commissioned works for the car industry, fashion industry, several hospitality and clinic projects.

He was awarded the Walter Thiemann Prize in 1996.