Soon Lai Wai

Soon Lai Wai, born in Penang Malaysia in 1970, has devoted most of his life to harnessing his artistic gift. He earned a diploma from the Saito Academy of Design in 1991. Lai Wai’s inspiration is deeply rooted within his past, particularly his childhood, a time when an old part of Penang town was his entire world consisting of coffee shop patrons, gossiping, gambling, a shoddy environment and drugs. Through his art, Lai Wai refused to be the next victim of circumstance.

Lai Wai’s first subject of interest was the flower, inspired by traditional Chinese art. He developed a particular fondness for the lotus. Lai Wai travelled extensively to study its different strains and desired to capture its beauty in his work. The broad leaves, succulent petals and long stalks of the Lotus allow him to explore a wide range of coloring techniques in his compositions with wild powerful strokes that bring his art to life. Jagged lines, splashes of color and the beautifully placed white spaces create a harmonious convergence of traditional and contemporary styles on canvas.

Soon Lai Wai has been selected for over twenty-five national and international exhibitions and featured in six solo exhibitions since 2001. His works have been included in numerous private and corporate collections all around the world.