Sivarajah Natarajan

Sivarajah Natarajan is, first and foremost, a figurative painter who has romanced the body in motion for almost two decades. A Fine Arts graduate of the Malaysian Institute of Arts (1992), his immense talents as a photographer, lighting and stage designer have found marvellous expression and enriched the Sutra Foundation's innumerable productions and publications.

An involvement spanning 20 years with multiple dance forms such as bharatanatyam, odissi, makyong, main ‘teri, menora, chhau (Seraikalla and Majurbhanj), kudiyattam, gotipua and other dance-theatre genres at Sutra, has given Sivarajah a special understanding of the nuances of these arts and the tremendous visual possibilities inherent in them. More significantly, this knowledge has deepened his understanding of the need for an integrated approach to the visual and performing arts which he vociferously espouses.

Being a ‘dancer’s painter’, Sivarajah takes his cues from the dance itself and it is from this vantage point that his painterly and design imagination takes flight.

Sivarajah Natarajan’s artistic exploration of the art continues affirming his unique position as a major force in forging an integration of Malaysian visual and performing arts. A critically acclaimed painter and an award winning lighting designer, Sivarajah Natarajah is a Trustee of the Sutra Foundation.