Shwe Thein

Shwe Thein was born in 1981 in Rakhine State Myanmar and graduated from the prestigious Yangon State School of Fine Art in 2004. He studied under the supervision of famous Burmese artists like Mon Thet and U Than Kyawe for several years.

Shwe Thein has become well known to art lovers for his colorful sampans with their contrasting sails from his native Rakhine State. These sailboat paintings capture a powerful combination of sky, water and boats using the interplay of light and color. They offer the viewer a sensation of beauty, calmness and harmony which is the main objective of this buddhist artist. Yet, it is his technique that truly stands out. Merging the open composition and lighting of the impressionistic style with semi abstraction and powerful brushwork, Shwe Thein has truly developed his own unique style.