Sachin Jaltare

Sachin Jaltare is an Indian artist that graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from Nagpur in 1991. Sachin has an educational foundation typical of the conservative J J School circle where the older strand of academic realism is married to the Abstract Expressionist lineage.

As a result, his oil works on canvas have intimate portraits of beautiful, delicately sensuous girls rendered in a mixture of conventional and almost curriculum-resembling poses with a faint note of intimacy. Naturalness contrasts with artificially exaggerated dainty poses and the illustrative merges with the abstract which is expected to create a vivid atmosphere which appeals to the senses. The end is professional but sentimental.

He has participated in various exhibitions and shows including the Annual Exhibitions at Kalamandir in Hyderabad in 2000, 2003, 2004.