Ranjith Perera

Ranjith was ten years old when he first appreciated the scenic beauty bordering his journey from Colombo to Kandy. It was then that the act of doodling first came to him. However circumstances paved the way for a career in the rubber trade and he found himself with hardly any time to paint.

Following early retirement he finally got the opportunity to pursue his passion for painting. He refined his technique under the guidance of Nadine David, a former pupil of David Paynter the renowned Sri Lankan artist. This was the turning point that led him to his present work which focuses on capturing the pulse of the Sri Lankan way of life.

“Painting and drawing from life is my first love. Sri Lankans and their pastimes fascinate me. The agony and the ecstasy, their simplicity reflected in their faces make marvelous subjects for my canvases" - Ranjith Perera