Pradeep Puthoor

Pradeep Puthoor was born in 1965, in Puthoor, Kerala. After completing his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the College of Fine Arts, Trivandrum, he worked as a graphic designer in an advertising agency for which he received an international poster award. Pradeep also worked in a Mumbai daily as a film art director and Illustrator. He would paint at night.

His aesthetic sensibilities were honed and his works gained a fresh outlook after his trip to the UK where he was exposed to the works of the older grand masters and contemporary artists. In the coming years his works received critical acclaim and several awards including a fellowship from the prestigious Jackson Pollack Foundation in New York.

In addition to this international recognition, Pradeep has participated in several state and national camps conducted by the Lalit Kala Akademi and regional and international art exhibitions. He also worked as a lecturer in the Kerala College of Fine Arts. Pradeep Puthoor's works are in several national and international collections.