Peisy Ting

Peisy did not set out to be an artist, although the artistic gene was certainly prevalent as her mother was an interior designer and father a painter. However, her hidden passion for art and design eventually led her to the UK where she graduated with a degree in Visual Communications in 1999, after which she returned to Malaysia and set her sights on the world of advertising. In mid-2014, sensing burn-out, she analysed her successful 15-year career as an art director and felt it was time to break free and soon immersed herself in relearning basic art forms.

As her newly found passion grew, Peisy finally took the bold step to exit her career outright in order to concentrate on improving her artistic skills. In late 2016, Peisy pushed herself to devote most of her time to producing her first series of contemporary works that pulled from her various skill sets, experiences and her multicultural upbringing. “Malaysia, and Asia in general, offers such a diverse range of cultures and languages all within relatively close proximity to each other”. She continues “I was fortunate growing up exposed to a cornucopia of food, religion, cultures, languages and ideas, all of which has shaped me in my journey as a developing artist with the ability to insert my Asian roots in subtle, masked ways.” She adds, “Additionally, I am fluent in four languages, which in many ways has a direct and distinct influence on my ability to visualise and juxtapose images in new and interesting combinations”.

Peisy’s current work evokes a sense of strength and compelling fortitude that undercuts the pretext of her relative newness to the world as a professional artist. Hard symmetrical shapes with textural overlays may dominate in some pieces, while free-flowing jagged lines with dramatic bold colour reach out in others.