Paul Walker

Paul Walker was born in 1960 in the UK. He is currently based in Greece. Paul received his BA Degree in Fine Art at Birmingham Polytechnic and went on to complete his Master of Arts Degree in Fine Art (printmaking) at the Chelsea School of Art in London. He is currently continuing his studies at the Open University where he is pursuing a BSc in Natural Science (Physics). 

Paul’s work had to acquire a set of rules or guiding principles, and it is the uses the universal language of geometry and mathematics as a set of rules. These guiding principles most naturally provide him with support and are central to the inception and predominate throughout the structure in my work. Whilst his compositions rely on geometric guidelines, the body of his work is an instinctive development compounded by interrelationships of planes of colour which ultimately determine the tone and final resolution of the finished piece. 

Paul’s work has been exhibited across in various cities across Greece such as Mykonos and Athens as well as various galleries across the UK and Australia.