Maya Burman

Maya Burman, the recipient of several honorable awards that reflect her skill and experience, believes that taking up painting is akin to adopting a religion.

Describing her technique as 'poetic handwriting', Maya prefers to work with watercolors, delineating landscapes, human forms inspired by Indian miniature painting, wood surfaces and graphic designs in an unfettered pastiche of shape and shade.

Black is a critical color in her work, with bright colors thrown in, to create an eclectic contrast. In the last five years since her first group show, where she was singled out for the Award for Young Painters – Salon de Colombes (1997), Maya has exhibited extensively and won many awards, including the Award of the Fine Art Association of Sannois (1998), the Award of the Salon d'Automne Paris (2000), and the Award of Watercolors Painting Section Salon de Colombes (2001).

Her art, allegorical and lyrical as it is, reflects her unique cross-cultural heritage with impeccable detail and is vibrant with positive energy. Her father's figurative work drawn from Indian mythology is her biggest influence.