Madhuri Bhaduri

Madhuri Bhaduri is a Pune based artist who completed her Masters of Art in 1988 from SNDT Mumbai University. Space fascinates Madhuri. The events across her canvas are intuitive, intense immediate and direct. She depicts her interaction of mind and matter in a dialogue of brush and paint that is warm, vivid and sensual to the eye. In these compositions, it is color that holds together her spatial compositions. Her colors resound with the message of her inner spirit where there is hope, joy, beauty and fulfillment.

Madhuri's paintings effectively catch the charm of the everyday world in all sorts of imaginable hues and tones. They explore the inner self through highly innovative symbolism and transcend the idea of self-discovery with great gusto. In her own words, Madhuri believes in "striving to create something new, something no one has ever tried before."