Ling Yang Chang

Born in Singapore in 1963, Ling Yang Chang has been involved in many aspects of art-making over the last twenty years: artistic creations, group and solo exhibitions, workshops, public lectures and teaching art. As a graduate in Chinese studies, Yang Chang finds a natural affinity for Chinese brush painting, with close attention to the beauty of lines, poetical resonance and philosophical depth.

In his field, Yang Chang is a competent artist in the Chinese scholarly tradition. Not only does he carve his own seals but he also appends his artistic creations with his own calligraphy. Moreover, the steely discipline and technique required to establish  solid brush and ink control has built a strong platform for Yang Chang’s exploration into other artistic fields, namely Contemporary Chinese Art, Modern and Abstract Painting.

Conclusively, Yang Chang’s work is characterized by a delicate balance of Chinese and Western influences. Even within the free rein of Western Abstract expression, the fine lines and tonal qualities of Chinese painting are never absent.