Lim Ah Cheng

Born in 1968, Lim Ah Cheng hails from Klang in Malaysia and has over 20 years of experience as an artist.  He is a graduate of the Malaysia Institute of Art, Kuala Lumpur and was under the tutelage of calligrapher Chong Chen Chuan for several years.

His mainstay inspiration is the horse, a longstanding subject in Chinese painting, as he is drawn to its beauty, speed and movement. By combining conventional Chinese painting techniques and western abstract expressionism, he is able to strike a balance between the traditional and the more contemporary.

Through his rhythmical colors, ingenious coordination and fusion of figures and lines, he transforms horses into semi abstract figures that are so powerful that they tremble with energy on his canvases. While western tradition frequently seeks tranquility from stillness and finds beauty in the motionless state, Lim Ah Cheng's paintings celebrate the randomness of motion.