Kyaw Nyo

Kyaw Nyo born in Yangon, Myanmar in 1980, is a graduate of the University of Culture (Painting) and Dagon University (Oriental).

He is inspired by the beauty of nature, particularly the native trees of Myanmar and their leaves. He studies their color, shape, size and most importantly their texture. The technique he uses to produce these artworks enables him to reproduce their texture faithfully. He creates a “paint leaf” by applying a thick coat of paint to the leaf itself, then fixing this to the canvas in the composition he has chosen. When the paint is dry, he removes the leaf.

Most of these collages, consist of several layers of leaves, which he builds up over days and weeks. The starting point for all these works is the natural organic material of the leaf – the emotions evoked in him by his selection of each one determines the base colors he will use in these works. He often favors the fiery colors of autumn with reds, golds and yellows.

His ambition is to create unexpected vistas from beautiful, but common materials, to make us see the common leaf in a new way. He selects the leaves for his artworks carefully, looking for ones that suggest different elements to him. Some look as if they are flying through the air, others suggest deep ponds and reflecting water.