Kelvin Low

Artistry is an evolutionary journey. My art evolved from scientific theories to deep-sea marine animals, and finally to that innate energy that binds us all together. 

Einstein’s theory of relativity and how light is bent by gravity was the impetus for these works. Light and gravity fascinates me. I used gravity to form peaks that give texture to my work and communicate movement and rhythm. These low-relief textures distort the pathway of light, much like how gravity bends light. Once I had the science figured out, I infused my artwork with colours. 

The subtle shifts in my colour choices is intentionally applied to calm my audience and hopefully facilitate healing. I believe in the healing potential of colour. I seek to harness that potential in my works. This choreography of texture and colour are inspired by 2 subjects for the series: bioluminescent marine life and the illumination of our galaxy. 

Bioluminescent marine life has enamoured me since I always had a fondness of light and its many forms. I added this to my amalgam of inspirations and came up with this Great Migration series. 

The Galaxy series is my take on the universal energy that binds us all. I chose the Galaxy because of its vastness and all-encompassing energy.