John Martono

Indonesian artist John Martono is a renowned textile designer.  A graduate of the Faculty of Art and Design, Bandung Institute of Technology, majoring in Textile Design, he now lectures at his alma mater.

While filling a void in the genre of contemporary textile painting he brings a new perspective to contemporary art. Using paint on silk with the addition of hand stitching as a preferred medium has become his trademark for self-expression. His unique works on silk canvas with hand embroidery reflect an intimate knowledge of textile science and techniques.

While many of his paintings use vibrant colors, John finds special pleasure in creating works that are the result of an interplay of black and white with hints of contrasting color. He loves to explore and observe the depth of this effect. In his own words, "The simpler the color, the more complex the experience".

His works have been exhibited widely in art galleries and exhibitions around the world to wide acclaim.