Jens Ingvard Hansen

“Since childhood I have been interested in drawing and creating objects. Most ideas come to me when I have pen and paper in hand - as simple as that. That has always been the way.”

Jens Ingvard Hansen is a Danish self-taught sculptor born in 1967 who has for years been working as an independent artist. His works can be found in many public and corporate spaces in Denmark where he has exhibited extensively, as well as in other parts of the world.

The recurring theme of his bronze and granite sculptures is the idea of life seen as perpetual movement and the concept of infinity. His shapes are usually inspired by simple geometrical figures that are transformed into new forms by twisting them, incorporating the contrast between smooth and rough surfaces.

For Hansen, it is vital to create sculptures which are interesting to look at and which in their own right challenge the spectator. He likes to work non-figuratively as this gives people a chance to create their own stories that might reflect their own lives and experiences. “Art is not a concrete language as such. It is an intuitive language - something you can get a feeling for and something you can pass on to others.”