Jatin Das

Jatin Das, one of the most prolific figurative painters, is also a graphic artist, sculptor, muralist and a poet. Born in 1941, Jatin studied painting at Sir J J School of Art. A sensitive colorist who refuses to treat his imagery in 3-D volumes, Jatin charges his palette with emotional nuances.

A tirelessly innovative explorer of dynamic human figures in terms of linear construction and breezy brushwork, Jatin Das focuses mainly on man-woman relationships in varying moments of crises, contacts, revelation, and emotional tension. There is a distinct mentality in his treatment of human forms, which is retained even when they are energized by way of rhythmic discontinuities of color-planes and rushing lines.

Since Jatin finished his art education he has been participating in all important national and international art exhibitions, namely the Biennales in Paris (1971), and in Venice (1978) and the Documenta in Kessel (1975).