Fauzin Mustafa

Fauzin Mustafa is an established pioneering Malaysian mixed media artist. Born in Teluk Intan, Perak in 1966, he graduated from MARA University of Technology with a Degree in Art and Design (Fine Arts) and a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts.

Life Between The Dots is one of Fauzin’s latest series of works that masterfully uses textures to investigate the possibilities a minimal palette offers in creating visual depth. He overlaps various lengths of canvas strips, soaked in paint, stretched and twisted to create depth, tones and dimensions in the paintings. Raised gold dots are also increasingly a signature for Fauzin across his works, which represents life itself, restating his position as an artist who weaves personal religious and spiritual thoughts into his contemporary practice.

Considered as a central figure within the mixed media movement and Malaysian art history, Fauzin has participated in several solo and group exhibitions across Malaysia, and was the Malaysian representative to Container 96 – Art Across Ocean Exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is also the recipient of awards such as First Place in the 2010 1Malaysia Mural Competition , 1994 Philip Morris Asean Art Award, and 1991 Salon Malaysia Minor Award. His works are also found in various public and private art collections, including at Fukuoka Art Museum Japan and National Art Gallery Kuala Lumpur.