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Sarath Perera

Born 1964, Sarath Gunasiri Perera is a practicing artist in the field of contemporary art. This renowned artist is the former Chairman of the Art and Sculpture Panel, Arts Council of Sri Lanka, Department of Cultural Affairs and presently serves as the Chairman of the advisory committee Visual Arts Panel, Department of Cultural Affairs.

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S, Sri LankaHui Lin Chen
Shih Yun Yeo

Born in Singapore 1976, Shih Yun is a full-time artist. She received her Bachelor of Business Administration(Marketing) from National University of Singapore, Diploma in Communications Design from Lasalle College of the Arts and Post- Baccalaureate (Painting) from San Francisco Art Institute in 2002.


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Sachin Jaltare

Sachin graduated in Fine Arts from Nagpur in 1991. He has participated in various exhibitions and shows including the Annual Exhibitions at Kala andir in Hyderabad in 2000, 2003, 2004.

Sachin has an educational foundation typical to the conservative J J School circle. The older strand of academic realism is married there to the Abstract Expressionist lineage. As a result, Jaltare’s oils on canvas have intimate portraits of beautiful, delicately sensuous girls rendered in a mixture of conventional, almost curriculum-resembling poses and a faint note of intimacy. Naturalness vies with artificially exaggerated dainty poses.

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Sarla Chandra

Born in 1944, did her post graduation in Entomology from St.Johns College, Agra. Her paintings are personal expression of her love for Indian Culture and Mythology. Sarla has experimented with different medium - oil,watercolours,metal embossing,parchment/ barks of the tree and silver and gold foil. Sarla has traveled extensively to Europe, USA ,Far East and the Middle East . Oriented towards philosophy, her paintings incline towards mythical subjects. 

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Born in 1947 in Kolkata, this is the city he works and lives in. To Shuvaprasanna complete abstraction is too artificial, too 'lifeless', too wide away from the direct approach of human relations in a city like Calcutta . On the other hand, he is naturally not a photographer who portrays the reality. But Shuvaprasanna reduces; he therefore abstracts gradually. His presentation of reality often has dream-like elements in it. But does not the dream often show a deeper view of reality?

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Suhas Roy

Suhas Roy's preoccupation is primarily with the female face and form, and his subjects are romanticized, inhabiting the dreamlike world between sensuality and innocence. His work is usually inspired by life around him, but his themes are as much influenced by the everyday world as they are rooted in fantasy. The vast and complex texture of life is seen as mystical and dark in his work. The mystical flavour of his works arose from his interpretations of the 'unknown'.

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