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Paritosh Sen

Paritosh Sen was born in Dhaka, now in Bangladesh, in 1918 in a noted Ayurved's family. After finishing school, Sen ran away from home to join the Madras Art School headed by Devi Prosad Roy Chowdhury. In 1943, he along with his friends formed the Calcutta group. In 1949, Sen left for Europe. In Paris, he studied at Andre Lhote's school, Academie Grand Chaumier, Ecole des Beaux Arts and Ecole des Louvre where he studied the history of painting. A meeting with Picasso left a deep impression.

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Pradeep Puthoor

Pradeep Puthoor was born in 1965, in Puthoor, Kerala. After completing his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the College of Fine Arts , Trivandrum , he worked as a graphic designer in an advertising agency for which he received an international poster award. He also worked in a Mumbai daily as a film art director and Illustrator and painted at night.

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