Ashif Hossain

Ashif Hossain hails from Kolkata and his paintings predominately dwell on life. After graduating from the Government College of Arts, Kolkata, Ashif is now based in Mumbai. 

The vibrant colours of Indian culture, as well as its prominent secularism, inspire the artist and the same is reflected in his artworks. The metropolitan cities of India stimulate his creative thought process and many of his paintings depict this. Contrasting the modern day with the past, Ashif picks up inspiration from the everyday life around us – the infrastructure, the people and the busy chaotic lives of the cities. 

Using clever techniques with acrylic paint - primarily black, brown and white with hints of blue and red, Ashif paints to reveal unique shades on his canvases with a wonderful watercolour effect. He creates an antique style reminiscent of past times with brown and black hues while enhancing the painting with white to give it a modern look filled with beautifully placed open spaces. Bits of blue and red add life to his painting, giving the sepia/monochrome-toned works a more vibrant atmosphere.