Ramesh Gorjala

A talented artist hailing from Andhra Pradesh, Ramesh Gorjala paints Indian mythological figures and themes with exquisite detail and sensitivity. For Gorjala, myth seems to unfold into endless narratives and emerges into the forms of Hanuman, Vishnu or Buddha, often symbolic of protection and heroism. In his own words “The beauty of mythology lies in telling a story in a way that engages people. I was fascinated with drawing Hanuman and Krishna. When I began, I realized that many artists have drawn Gods and Goddesses earlier. So I started incorporating innumerable figures within the outlines of Hanuman or Krishna and thus narrating different stories.”

Ramesh was born into a family of weavers in Sri Kalahasti in 1979. He completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts from JNTU, Hyderabad. Ramesh received the Mahatma Gandhi Birth Centenary Memorial Award for the year 2000 from Victoria Technical Institute, Chennai, and the 'State Award' from Andhra Pradesh Craft Council.