Astrid Stoeppel

Astrid Stöppel was born on the 7th of June 1974 in Weilheim, Germany. After her studies in Munich, she decided to enter her family's business - a store with books, stationery and art supplies located in Weilheim. Working there required a lot of time, creativity and passion, and she adored her job.

Cha Jong-Rye

Cha Jong-Rye was born in 1968 in Daejoen, a small city located in the middle of Korea. She grew up among trees and soil in a quiet suburb next to her parents' vineyard. Her memories of the nature that surrounded her during her childhood became the root cause of her using wood as a primary medium.   

Roger Konig

Koenig holds a Master’s Degree in painting from HWK Halle in Germany. After completing his work at HWK he studied at the University of Applied Sciences in Magdegurg. Continuing to push the boundaries of his medium, Koenig’s work on canvas is innovative and highly experimental.

Brad Donovan

Brad Donovan is a contemporary artist from Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. Self taught from a young age, his drawing finesse is applied to remarkable paintings which reflect his talent and uniquely capture his viewers.